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  • Mastering Chess: Learn from Others' Mistakes to Improve Your Game (LEARN CHESS FROM OTHERS MISTAKE)

    Mastering Chess: Learn from Others' Mistakes to Improve Your Game (LEARN CHESS FROM OTHERS MISTAKE)

    We begin chess by learning the opening to start our games. Then eventually progress to the middlegame and endgame. This is how we learn to start the game. Mostly, players or chess lovers pay attention to the opening of the game but playing all three phases makes a player a strong player. You can win games in the opening when you learn to play chess. As you initially progress, you will discover that you have a long way to go. To make your games last longer all you need to focus on your game and learn from others' mistakes. 

    All you need is to collect the game series of grandmasters. To play all three phases of the game, study the games of masters. In the GM...

  • How to Speak to Kids About Chess - Best Guide

    How to Speak to Kids About Chess - Best Guide

    Chess is not like some other games like Flappy Bird, Temple Run for Candy Crush. Chess is a big deal. Nowadays chess has become so popular. It's a brain game. In this hectic era where everyone is tense in their life, playing chess is a calmful game. So you should teach chess to your kids as well. For that you need to talk to your child about chess. Here you can buy some good handmade chess from You can get Antique chess set, Ebony or boxwood chess set. Talk to your child about how to play chess. What are the pros and cons of playing chess? 


    Your child needs to know that...

  • The Psychology of Chess: How to Develop Mental Toughness and Maintain Focus During Games.

    The Psychology of Chess: How to Develop Mental Toughness and Maintain Focus During Games.

    Chess is not just a game of strategy and tactics, it is also a test of mental toughness and focus. In order to succeed in the game, it is crucial to develop psychological skills that can help you maintain focus and stay calm under pressure. In this post, we will explore the psychology of chess and discuss some tips on how to develop mental toughness for the game.

    Understand the Psychology of the Game

    Chess is a complex game that requires a lot of mental effort. As a player, it is important to understand the psychological aspects of the game, such as the importance of patience, the ability to stay focused for long periods of time, and the need to remain calm under pressure. By recognizing and understanding these psychological...

  • The Effects Of Playing Chess On The Human Brain

    The Effects Of Playing Chess On The Human Brain

    Chess is popularly referred to as ‘the cerebral game’. Chess Grandmasters down the ages have widely been perceived to be intellectual giants, blessed with extraordinary cognitive skills, amazing powers of concentration, photographic (eidetic) memories, and enviable strategic acumen. 

    Universal appeal

    In recent times, celebrated Grandmasters have even pitted their skills against the most advanced supercomputers of their times – emerging victorious more often than not. The appeal of chess, however, extends far beyond the genius of the Fischers, the Kasparovs, and the Carlsens of the world.

    Today, Chess is played enthusiastically by millions around the world, from New Zealand to California and from Norway to South Africa. It is, in its essence, seen to be a rewarding pursuit for those who crave mental stimulation,...




    The origins of the ‘Royal Game’ comes from Mahabharata in 3000 BCE. Earlier it was known as ‘Shatranj’. It is an ancient form of the game which is concealed in legend.

    According to Resources, the game originated during the time of Moses in Ancient Judea in Circa 1300 BCE. Most interestingly, It is believed that it was discovered during the reign of Alexander The Great of Macedonia Circa 323 BCE. Eventually, the game spread throughout Asia and Europe over the coming centuries and evolved into what we know as Chess around the 16th century. For more interesting facts about chess history, you need to go through the article.


    In Arabia Chess is known as Shatranj, In Persia Chatrang,...



    Teaching your kids how to play chess is one of the best ideas. 

    There are endless reasons to teach your kids to play chess. This can surely strengthen your connection with your kids and support your child’s overall development. Be it confidence or their other skills. This whole package comes with lots and lots of fun. 

    The child’s chess journey depends on many different factors like how seriously you learn it. Always motivate the child to aim, and play like the world’s youngest grandmaster. Always, play like a professional chess master. 

    If they're just starting,  there should be plenty of knowledge for you to share with your kids.

    To know what are the benefits of teaching your kids Chess, here...



    Chess is played every day around the world. It brings people of different backgrounds and cultures together. Chess helps to focus and is a great educational tool for school. It helps to develop creativity and boost confidence. A problem-solving skill and Yes! Chess helps to exercise both sides of the brain. So, here are some major benefits of playing chess. Let's take a look at the top 7 benefits of learning and playing chess!

    In other sports, you will sprint, run, get tired, or get toned abs but not in chess. One can play chess at their convenience level. Chess is often seen as a game of intellectual, logical, rational, and reasonable thinking.  

    This game is played worldwide by old and young people, Isn’t...

  • Do Chess Computers Really Help You To Reach Your Goals?

    Do Chess Computers Really Help You To Reach Your Goals?

    Chess Computers Help You  Reach Your Goals but How? Need to know . Let’s hop on into this article and get to know…

    Give big Thanks to the chess computer, that your chess training does not have to be one of those things, like we cannot control many things in life. Nowadays, Chess Engines seems to get most of the attention as they are used to analyze games on websites.

    Chess computers offer an economical and enjoyable way to improve for many years for the improving players. 

    You can turn this to your advantage by getting a different perspective from most chess players, and the AI in chess computers is highly rated enough to challenge the biggest players.

    The Most Essential Factors in...

  • Best 10 Chess Opening Books

    Best 10 Chess Opening Books

    Chess players have different playing styles so it is quite impossible to select the best ten chess books. 

    A positional player might rate an opening book on the Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack on the other hand an attacking player will prefer a book on gambits.

    Compiling a list of the best chess opening books depends on chess players' skill levels. The opening book that helps you when you are a beginner will differ from that which you find helpful as a strong club player.

    General Chess Opening Books

    These chess opening books are highly rated and cover many playing styles and skill levels. These chess opening books cover a broad range of openings and often discuss opening principles. The first two books on the...

  • Which is better online chess or over the board chess (OTB)

    Which is better online chess or over the board chess (OTB)

    Interestingly, Online Chess is like an instant coffee - quick, convenient, and available on demand and yes, 24/7 available. One can play at any time of their convenience. 

    Instead of online chess, few players or you can say that sincere and deliberate chess lovers like to play over-the-board chess. They would rather savor the ‘real thing’ than settle for its ‘instant’ counterpart, despite the associated prerequisites – a physical chess set, a suitable opponent, an appropriate environment, and sufficient time in hand. 

    Under any circumstances, the most serious and genuine chess players are like coffee connoisseurs and they love to play chess over the board. 

    For that reason, of course in this article, we will pore over the reason which is better...

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