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by Mandeep Saggu 12 Feb 2024 0 Comments

A Fancy Chess Set is crafted with love, passion, and a lot of hard work. Signs of Quality and Craftsmanship depend upon a lot of time, the amount of time it takes for artisans to craft a single piece is about two to three hours. 

If the pieces are for a tournament chess set it will be crafted between four to five hours. Isn’t it amazing!

Staunton Castle made every chess piece with hands. According to Business Insider, less than 10 people worldwide are trained to craft chess pieces with hands.

Do you want to know why a simple chess piece takes so much time and skill to create? Let’s hop onto this article to know more. 

The key is to make a chess set that's seen as elegant and well-made. Even though you can get a basic chess set for about $20, there's something special about a fancy one that's carefully crafted by hand. So, what makes a really good chess set stand out? Let's take a closer look at some signs of top-notch quality. Our artist's hard work adds significant value to a chess set and its meticulous craftsmanship.


An extraordinary chess set goes beyond just being functional, a testament to craftsmanship and luxury. Many factors contribute to its features. High-quality woods like ebony, rosewood, or maple elevate the appeal and durability. The detailing in the carving adds much allure.

The design and dimensions of the pieces are crucial. A balanced and harmonious preparation, with pieces that are well-weighted and proportioned, enhances both the visual and touchable experience of the game. The craftsmanship plays a major role. Handcrafted sets, often with meticulous attention to detail, exude a sense of luxury and uniqueness. Each piece tells its own story of the artisan's skill and dedication. The presentation of the set can elevate its status. For the overall appeal, the addition of velvet can add an elegant touch be it crafted board and storage box. The seamless combination of exceptional materials, thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship, and exquisite presentation makes a chess set exclusive.


The details of the chess game are as follows: In a standard chess game, there is one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The king, standing tall at 95 mm with a base of 39mm, typically is the tallest and widest piece.

Every chess piece is crafted with a unique characteristic, from the king's crown to the refined jewel atop the queen's coronet. The correct height order – king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn – is not just a visual preference; it significantly reduces the likelihood of player mistakes.

And then there's the knight, stealing the spotlight with its fancy features: a flowing mane, expressive eyes, detailed ears, and a carefully carved mouth. Each knight on the chessboard should be uniform; otherwise, the entire board will be deemed useless. 


One word: craftsmanship. Skilled artisans invest countless hours in creating the best and most authentic chess pieces. The center of this creation is Amritsar, India, the only place in the world that crafts the official World Chess Championship sets. Staunton Castle proudly says that they are the creators of championship sets. After the huge training to become an artisan we create these beauties. 


When you're choosing a chess set, think about the brand as a sign of how good it is. Brands like the Staunton Castle have been around for a long time. They put a lot of effort into making each chess piece special, like a piece of art.


They use things like Ebony and Blood Rosewood. These aren't just fancy names. They're carefully picked materials that make the chess pieces stand out. They become more than just game pieces and become something collectors want to have.

When a brand is exclusive, it's not just about being fancy. It shows they're earnest about quality. Sure, you might see a high price tag, but it's also a promise. It means you're not just getting chess pieces; you're getting something made with a lot of care and tradition. It's a guarantee that every time you play with them, it will be a special experience.


When you buy a fancy chess set made of wood, how can you tell if it's the real deal or a fake? It's pretty easy because fake sets don't have the same good materials, craftsmanship, or attention to detail as the real ones. When you spend money on a nice chess set, you're getting something hard to copy. The way the wood looks, the careful carving, and how well it's made all make each set special and tough to copy exactly.

Fancy chess sets use really good materials like special kinds of wood and fancy metals. Skilled craftsmen work with these materials to cut, shape, polish, and prepare a set that screams luxury and shows it's well-made.

This Staunton Castle chess set is a mix of strong materials, history, and realness that nobody even wants to try to copy!


Staunton castle’s years of experience, premium quality materials is all that you need to buy a perfect chess set.If you are investing in buying high end chess sets that means you are supporting the artisans who spend a decade learning the art of creating the perfect chess pieces for your collections. Just find these best signs of quality and there you go!

If you are looking for handmade elegant chess sets, then you are on the right page.  Staunton is ready to serve the best as always. Buy our variety of luxury chess sets and order yours today! Visit -

A brand name that you can trust.

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