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You are welcome to the official website named ‘Staunton Castle’ of the Company CHESS CREATION INC.  established in Canada with its manufacturing origin ‘Mandeep Handicrafts’ of ‘Amritsar’, India; Amritsar being traditionally known world over as the predominating chess creating city. Most of the chess world even today in this advanced technological age is invariably an output of the city of Amritsar where wood Chess-figures & boards are handcrafted and supplied globally.

Mr Nathaniel cooke, & Mr Howard Staunton are two of the historical names in chess world, and we have been crafting the chess sets which they had propounded. Our specialties include all Cooke designs, all Staunton designs and various reproductions presently celebrated. Please visit our catalogue/website.

It was the beginning of the nineteenth century that gave rise to an increasing demand of handcrafted wood chess-figures accompanied with a similar urge for exquisite chess boards all made in precious woods cultivated in the eastern world, and grown there even today.

Chess from its very origin which is supposed to be India stayed as a sole monopoly of the royal and the majestic plurals, its being evident by the exquisite craftsmanship of chess that abounded with the chess-traders then. We are supplying all such chess sets as relate the chess-history to keep the history alive. Our valued customers are aware of the facts namely:

Our chess crafting unit set up in Amritsar, India on the name of MANDEEP HANDICRAFTS established  in year 1977. Our Canadian office is for online sale of all our products.

The Quality Standard of our products acts as a standardizing standard for chess figures made by others in Amritsar. That is to say we give the highest finish and unique designs.

Most of our wholesale customers including the largest Chess dealers in the US and UK have their businesses dependent on our regular and timely supply. We have now entered into retail sale too, owning a planning regarding online sales.

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