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by Mandeep Saggu 05 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is a time for love and affection. It's a day when hearts exchange warm connections. Roses, chocolates, and sweet surprises.Handwritten cards express heartfelt emotions,bringing joy to lovers with loving notions. Candlelit dinners and romantic dates, celebrating love that endlessly resonates.Whether near or far, love finds its way,Valentine's Day, a special day to say "I love you" in every way. This Valentine's day impress your loved ones with our newest and luxury chess sets, which are available at discounted prices. So why wait? Grab the offer now. 

Morphy Cooke 1849-50 Vintage 3.5" Reproduction Chess Set In Distressed Boxwood/Mahogany Stained

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This is one of the Jaques early chess sets which had been used in the famous chess tournaments played in the year of 1849-50. The Knight head of this chess set is Cooke style. We have selected this chess set from the Jon Crumiller chess collection. The original design is made in the King size 3.5″. This is one of the most famous chess in the early 19th century and now we have reproduced this design on seeing the high demand of the chess collectors. Lifetime Warranty for Hairline Cracks. Buy for your loved one !

Commemorative Signature Series 3.625" Staunton Chessmen By MANDEEP SAGGU In Distressed/ Mahogany Stained Boxwood

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This Chess set is a combination of perfection and one can see the real craftsmanship on it. These chessmen showcase Maestro’s Knight Design and Maestro's passion for Greek Architecture as well as the highest standard of Staunton Castle. 

This chess set is the facsimile of the tournament set which was used in from 2014 to 2021 at Sinque Feild and St. Louis Rapid and Blitz where the best players participated: Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Peter Svidler, Richard Rapport, Sam Shankland, Leinier Dominguez, Jeffery Xiong etc. Grab these authentic chessmen with high-end quality and also with its authenticity certificate. It's a Limited Chess Edition so Purchase quickly for your loved ones!

The Arthurian Series 4.4" Luxury Artisan Ebony Wood Chess Pieces

The Arthurian Series

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A luxurious masterpiece - The Arthurian Series Luxury Artisan Chessmen from our exclusive Mandeep Saggu Signature Collection. This series is the combination of elegance and gracious workmanship, a perfect epitome for your home. It is the best design of Staunton Castle, these little astonishing chessmen are a new ideal in chess set designs. Its features are so breathtaking and elegant.

The Chess pieces are hand carved by our master artisans and crafted out of high grade woods. The Chess pieces are heavily weighted with luxurious cloth base pads.

It is the perfect example of beauty and vivacious functionalities. A proud product from Staunton Castle.

So, Grab this original Beauty from Staunton and get 40% off on this valentine day purchase.

Chariot Of Selene Series 4.4" Luxury Staunton Chessmen In Ebony Wood

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Chariot Of Selene Series 4.4" is an extreme accuracy that is a hallmark of authenticity.

 Mandeep Saggu historical reproductions, and this exacting set is clear proof. The finely detailed knights capture every dramatic feature of the solitary marble horse head The British Museum saved from the East pediment of the Parthenon, where its crumbling statue had celebrated the horses that pulled the mystical chariot of Selene, the Greek goddess of the night. Mandeep Saggu’s masterful hand carvings precisely convey the figurine’s flattened ears, flaring nostrils, bursting eyes and powerful snarling jaws; a powerful complement to this collectible set's sleek royal ranks. It is a creation with love for love!

Aristocrat Series 4.1" Staunton chess set in Ebony Wood with Board

Aristocrat Series Padouk Wood Chess Set


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This chess set as shown here is termed as Aristocrat design. This specific design differently defined by different buyers is also created and crafted in our unit and supplied to our potential buyers in the USA, Canada and UK. This has sharp distinctions as compared with our remaining range, for example the unique design of the knight head, the metric cut on the Bishop and a distinct shape with equally elegant finish. These best chess sets are made with BoxWood and Pure Ebony Wood.This package included:

King height is 4.1" and base size is 1.875".The green felt is pasted on the bases. This set comes with two extra queens. The Chess Board is 2.25″ square size made in maple and Ebony look and weight is 2.25”. 

Leatherette Magnetic Self Storage Chess Box


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A beautifully designed Self storage magnetic Chess Board made of high-quality vinyl.  All the pieces are properly fitted in the well-sized grooves in the box. The box is specially made to present this chess set as a gift item.

This high-end quality box is best to present the gift of the chess set. This superb quality board is suitable to carry during the trip. The high-quality lock buttons of the box keep the chess pieces secure and safe. The inside lavish look of the box gives the chess pieces a more luxurious look. The high-quality shiny velvet makes this box more attractive and eye- catching. This box is made in Vinyl, velvet, and wood. Grab this beauty now!

Luxury Mahogany Storage Box For Luxury Chess Pieces

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A perfect Storage Box made in Mahogany and it is a beautifully made mahogany chess box to store chess pieces up to a 4" king. Twin green baize lined compartments with brass furniture fittings, lock and key with tassel. A superb chess box to keep your chess pieces safe locked away when not in play. Get this exciting storage box now!

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