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by Ravi Sharma 14 Apr 2023 0 Comments

In this article, we will guide you on how you can prepare for playing chess in the big leagues. Learning a few basic rules can make you a master of chess. So, why wait? 

Be a chess master by learning and practicing a few rules. First, let’s read and understand chess tournaments. 


A chess tournament is a series of chess games played competitively to determine a winning individual or team. The first international chess tournament was held in London, in 1851. Chess Tournaments have become the standard form of chess competition among serious players. Today, the most recognized chess tournaments for the individual competition include the Linares chess tournament now known as defunct. 

Tournament Chess is played with the same rules as casual chess, for the most part. As such there is no hard and fast rule. If you’re not sure how the pieces move, always think first and move wisely. To understand the object of the game, start here and brush up on the basic rules of chess.


If you are ready to take your game up and indentation, all you need is to get set. You may want to consider playing in a tournament with all your determination. Before you dive in, you are advised that tournament chess is directed by innumerable rules and regulations. The official rule book 

contains hundreds of pages that are all about detailing chess rules. It also tells all the do’s and don'ts for every game situation. You can also learn to attack and defend in the game. Learn about possible disputes or situations one might come across during a chess tournament.

Most importantly, a player is not expected to memorize the entire rule book. Try to understand the facts and rules of chess. On youtube, you can watch Rules of Tournament Chess. This video is really beneficial for you to learn chess. The most important rule is to confidently play in any tournament. Simply play chess with confidence. Here are some of the highlights which are an important factor of a chess tournament. 


One remarkable thing to be noticed is you must move if you touch a piece on the chessboard. It is really difficult for players who are new to the tournament. This method is known as the touch-move rule. This rule is only valid if you can make a legal move with the pieces you touched. It also requires you to acquire an opponent’s piece if you touch it. So one has to play very carefully. There might be some exceptions. If you touch the piece by chance or unknowingly, it is not necessary to move it. Accidentally, if you touch you are not required to move. 

If a piece is carelessly placed, you can adjust it. You can

simply say “I adjust” before touching the piece. It will be more clear to your opponent that you don’t intend to move it.


TD, who is also known as the tournament director, plays an important role in chess tournaments. You can ask the tournament director to clarify your question or any kind of confusion. So, never hesitate, and always clear your doubts regarding chess tournament rules. You can even stop the clocks if you and your opponent have any disagreement. You can find your tournament director TD and ask for a ruling. In my opinion, this is the best rule of the game, if you have any doubt just be clear and make yourself understood by the Tournament Director. One major thing to be noticed is to settle any questions or disputes as soon as they occur.


Recording your game and its movement is the best thing to do. Recording your game will provide you with evidence. This will also determine what has been played during the game of chess. Most tournaments require players to record their moves. You will need to learn how to read and write chess notation, to record your game. Recording helps you to watch your progress and record your chess score.

Recording the Final Results of a Chess Game win, lose, or draw, both players are required to make sure the proper result is recorded. If you’re not sure where to mark down your result, ask a tournament director for help.


Don't interrupt the chess game in progress. In most chess tournaments, you can get a chance to walk around the playing area and watch other games. But you have to watch all this quietly. Observers are prohibited from telling players anything about their games, whatever they may notice. 


This is another thing to avoid when participating in a chess tournament. Nowadays few new rules have been passed to deal with loud phones. This can also break the concentration of chess players. If your phone rings in the playing area, you will likely be subject to a penalty, and may even have to lose your game.


As we all know the chess tournament is played with time limits. Time constraints vary from event to event. To check and note the time is always by using a chess clock. It will become essential but of course, at first, it can be distracting. But honestly, chess clocks judge your game very well. Most importantly, remember to hit or press the button of your clock after each move you make. The moment you stop your clock, your opponent’s time starts. Be sure to use the same hand to move your chess pieces and touch the clock.

I hope this article can resolve all your doubts about tournament chess and put light on a few aspects of tournament chess. Staunton Castle always presents some great ideas in the form of its contents. You can also purchase many varieties of chess sets from staunton castle, which may include luxury chess sets, antique chess sets, ebony wood chess sets and much more.

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Happy Chess Playing!!

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