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by Ravi Sharma 29 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Chess is played every day around the world. It brings people of different backgrounds and cultures together. Chess helps to focus and is a great educational tool for school. It helps to develop creativity and boost confidence. A problem-solving skill and Yes! Chess helps to exercise both sides of the brain. So, here are some major benefits of playing chess. Let's take a look at the top 7 benefits of learning and playing chess!

In other sports, you will sprint, run, get tired, or get toned abs but not in chess. One can play chess at their convenience level. Chess is often seen as a game of intellectual, logical, rational, and reasonable thinking.  

This game is played worldwide by old and young people, Isn’t it an interesting fact? Coming to its benefits, the perks are unlimited. If you are still thinking about playing or learning chess then it's high time, because you are still now aware of its fantastic benefits. A jaw-dropping game is full of wonders which help you in all aspects of your life. 

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So, let's dig into this amazing article to find more authentic benefits of Chess. Be aware and get the most out of it. 


You must be wondering and want to know how playing chess can prevent Alzheimer's. Well, we will tell you how?

According to Resources,  Recent studies have discovered that there is a correlation between playing chess and recovery from Alzheimer's. Even doctors have proved that people who have played chess for years are more healthy rather than less prone to get this disease or dementia.

At the same time, patients with Alzheimer's are also advised to play chess to recover fast. Most importantly, it has been observed that people who play chess often have a strong and sharp memory. Henceforth, this is one of the best reasons to play and learn chess because chess is good for the brain according to a medical point of view. Chess is highly recommended by Doctors!

Chess sets


According to the University of Venezuela, a survey was conducted on  4000 students. It is noted that playing chess for 4 months impressively and immensely enhanced the IQ level among girls and boys. Thus, young students are highly recommended to play games like chess to increase their IQ level. This is another important significant factor why chess is good for your brain. A perfect exercise for the brain. 


People who play chess regularly, generally have activated both sides of the brain. It can certainly help with quick actions, thinking processes, and behaving nicely. Just like a player responds spontaneously to chess,  he can also react the same way in life, its challenges and situations. It also keeps the brain active consistently. Playing chess makes your brain much more active, reflexive, and sharp. 


People who suffer from stroke or have some kind of disability. Chess helps to develop fine motor skills which can comfort the patient. So the best chess game benefits cannot be overlooked. For this, there is one best example to which I can relate here.

chess products

Neel Kantha Bhanu Prakash is known as the world's fastest human calculator. A truck hit this boy when he was only 5 years old. He fractured his skull and had to undergo many surgeries to save his life and was put in a medically-induced coma.

This severe accident caused him cognitive impairment, which was a big loss for him. After that, he started solving puzzles and playing chess which helped him to recover very fast and today he is known as the world's fastest calculator. These brain games helped him keep his mind active and recover faster. Isn’t it amazing! 


While discussing the benefits of playing chess, these three are the most common among chess lovers. Resilience, patience, and reflexes. As we all know, a player plays chess patiently and thinks carefully before making a move. The chess player has to play thoughtfully, sensibly, and shrewdly.

Surprisingly,  these abilities are not found in other people but yes as compared to chess players. In addition, playing chess also improves other skills, like intuition, as the player usually predicts the opponent's next move. So, do not sit calm and play Chess!


A confidence booster that can boost you up makes you more confident and smart. Chess is a game that requires a lot of strategic planning and focused thinking that eventually enhances your IQ level and certainly boosts your confidence level. 

You eventually get new ideas and thoughts that work when you play this game for a long time or daily. This is the prime major reason to play and learn games that boost your confidence and ability to think sharply and strongly.


Chess pieces

A famous saying goes like a person’s true personality is reflected through his chess game. According to a survey, Chess lovers claim that they have begun to express themselves more creatively after they started playing the game.

For many people, who are especially introverts and find themselves to be expressive, Chess is just a blessing to them. Chess alleviates a person to overcome his hidden personality and makes him an extrovert.

To conclude, playing chess or learning chess makes a difference in everyone's life. It is believed that chess is one of the best games to sharpen your brain and improve your memory. 

True, your perception might have changed a little while reading the article, chess definitely plays a vital role.

Chess is so much more than luxury chess pieces, and fancy sets, the secret facts about the game are really thought-provoking and give positivity to your lifestyle. An intense game that helps to make critical decisions and teaches us to remain calm under any tough situation. Last but not least chess helps us to face interviews, presentations, deadlines, exams, and much more. It helps us to remain confident and calm to perform our best. 

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