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by Mandeep Saggu 24 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Chess remains a human game, for all that computers have changed it.

Chess remains a human game, for all that computers have changed it. Actually, you want to know who wins chess computers or humans chess? Definitely, this question may arise in your mind and you will surely get the answer in the blink of an eye. If our only goal is to win the game and we take chess as purely competitive then the answer is computers. For sure this question creates a lot of discussions about the final goal of chess. What if we believe, as Garry Karpov, that chess is an art, science, and sport? Some believe that playing chess makes you happy whereas others believe that chess is a mind game. Again a strange question. It's all about one perspective to look at the game. Might be the best answer is a human with a computer. Well, who wins in the match of humans vs chess in computers? In this article, we will read the brief history of computers in chess. How do chess computers work? Why Chess is an interesting challenge to be played. It simply works as Artificial intelligence and, most importantly, how the role of AI in chess has changed the way we play, learn, and enjoy the game. Likewise, we can see our brain power to further and improve our own chess.


Before starting to understand how it works, it is important to know the difference between moves by human play and those made by a chess computer. Try to watch chess games with expert commentary; you will often hear a commentator refer to a move as a “computer move”. Here you can understand how computers calculate vs how humans calculate in chess.


A “computer move” is a move that is a little unnatural and confusing. The move is just an eye blink. This is all because of its tactical justification. It’s also worth noting that a computer move could involve a quick move with an instant. But in human chess, a human would almost play smart moves and try to note the opponent as well. In some chess apps, you have access to a mind-boggling amount of positions, historical games, endgames, table base draws, and much more. In brief, these apps are much more efficient, It never gets tired, and basically never blunders! The way chess computers work is complicated and different. Here you can do accurate calculations and position evaluation. One can check the evaluation of piece mobility, pawn structure, piece value, and king safety. Basically, the chess computer works similarly to human chess. It more closely resembles the way the human mind works. Nowadays, the top chess engines are a combination of these strategies. If we look practically at chess, the computer works so fast as it can beat any human. Undoubtedly, chess computers have not yet reached the status of “perfect” play, they should never lose to a human. Another interesting thing is that in a chess computer if you have access to the internet, a laptop, or even a phone you can easily play chess and learn tips and tricks. Computer chess is available at all times, be it early morning or late night to play your favorite chess. 


According to Grand Master, Alex Colovic said we are all patzers. How to analyze your own game as compared to chess engines. So, we all are amateurs. Wow! He is so right! One has to be played man to man to know the game deeply whereas chess computers work on its rules. 

Chess engines have the ability to calculate that is simply not as accurate as the human brain. On the other hand, a computer's evaluation will create nothing but confusion in the human mind. A “computer move” and a “human move” is in fact based on the limitations of the human brain’s power to calculate. Human moves always follow the rules of essential chess principles. Human chess allows you to understand your fellow chess player. 

Surprisingly, a human player will understand differences beyond the capacities of the machines. It has the ability to calculate what the opponent plans,  their psychological pressure, and how it affects humans in chess. Due to blind spots like this that Artificial Intelligence has put, It is easy to win at chess engines. Power to read and the human has an infinite capacity to read opponent expressions, body language, and emotions. We may be novices, but we have the ability to learn and improve the game. 


We can conclude that both chess computers vs humans in chess are worth playing. GM Magnus Carlsen is the greatest chess player who also confirms that he has no point in competing with chess computers. In today's time, we are so grateful that we have computer analysis in chess. 

According to the media, Kasparov’s loss to Deep Blue and the headline mentioned “The Brain’s Last Stand”. As we know the chess world did not collapse and only got stronger day by day. The development of technology and chess will continue. The chess education and happiness of chess remain firmly in human hands. 

As for now chess computers vs humans chess, which one is better still under the conflict. Sadly, this article does not prove anything, it is still under debate which is best. Still, if we consider the inseparable history of human chess and machine chess, it becomes more evident. 

While reading all the points, we can consider how chess computers have helped us to improve the game. From over the board, we have learned a lot but with chess computers, we have reached the next level. AI also helps to develop in streams like medicine, commerce, and much more. 

There’s no course for that if you want to calculate like Stockfish and plan like AlphaZero. Here you can learn a few practical courses from GM Daniel Gormally,  Sharp Middle Games. A Practical Guide to Chess Calculation. But you can learn to think like World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik. You can even learn how to convert endgames Like Magnus Carlsen, you can even learn how to convert endgames. That’s all for now.

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