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How to Choose The Perfect Chess Clock - Best Guide

by Ravi Sharma 16 Feb 2023 0 Comments

In this modern era, we all have been busy in our day-to-day life. We all want to finish our work on time. We want to learn time management as well. It can be seen in chess. Most important to manage time efficiently, be it in the game and in our life. In Chess, Chess Clocks allow us to be more productive. Chess clock trained us to play the game, manage the time and make us better players. 

Speed was not important in chess until the invention of bullet chess. The introduction of bullet chess makes the blitz and rapid chess games slow.

Would you prefer to practice ahead of your game? This would only happen with the help of a chess clock. Try to practice delivering a checkmate with two bishops in fifteen seconds. Do practice with a chess clock. 

One thing to know, chess players are sensible people who know the value of time and training. And most will like to practice with a chess clock. Great News is that chess clocks are affordable, user-friendly, and compact. You can easily travel well with it. Selecting the correct chess clock for you is so easy!


When selecting a chess clock there are four most vital factors which play an important role in a chess clock:- 

  • Big Button
  • Big Display
  • The Kiss Principle (KISS) keep it simple sweetheart 
  • Price in Budget
  • Ease of Use


Size does matter when it comes to the buttons on your chess clock. Definitely, you cannot have buttons that are too easy to press. Blitz and rapid games come down to the last few seconds or minutes. Saving a second in each move might not seem like much, but certainly, they add up over the game. It can make the difference between delivering a checkmate.


After each move, you don't have to look for big buttons. They are approachable and easier to strike with your hand. You can keep your eyes fixed on the board.

Thinking about your opponent’s time is a sound strategy. The more time you save, the sooner you press the button.

Size is an important part of the display like big buttons.  You don’t want to be looking around to find the buttons after each move. You don't need to struggle to read how much time remains. You can purely focus on the game. Similarly, a big clear display is what you need. So that you can read it at a glance. It will take no time to reach for your glasses during a blitz game.


First, if you are using apps and enjoying their features, then there are a few apps to expand the options. Many chess clocks offer several features, and some work well for apps. If this is an option for you then it is the perfect set for you. Why play the London System to save chess training time? It is like only spending extra time learning an app? A lot of chess players do not want such abrupt learning.

Majorly, every chess clock will allow you to set a time with accession. Before buying your chess clock, be sure to check how easy it is to set the time controls. A clock setting will allow you to play safely and you will be focused at times. A nice clock setting gives you the best experience, and best balances the hurdles of the Grunfeld Defense. One more thing: keep the positions on the board nicely when the game starts. If you host the chess tournament things will be different. That time you can invest your time in learning how an app can prove to be worthwhile. The chess features will save you more time if you spend time getting familiar with the chess clock.


When it comes to chess clocks, price is not the major factor. There are many competitors which offer you a wide range of prices. All you can do is thank these chess manufacturers. Thanks to the competition among the different manufacturers, you can choose from a wide range of affordable and reliable chess clocks. Here you can go from simple to fascinating chess clocks. You can make these chess clocks as a fashion statement. You can purchase a chess clock for under $50. You can plan before buying a chess clock. Decide on your price before shopping and feel overwhelmed. Staying within your limits will ensure less stress and you can regret it later. An economical chess clock people enjoy using will earn you more compliments. A fancy clock that takes an hour to set up. 


The chess player who is looking for a chess clock wants training, playing with friends, and tournaments. The DGT Easy Plus Timer Digital Chess Clock is a perfect choice at only $39.95! This chess clock is an upgrade over DGT’s best-selling Easy game Timer. Along with countdown and count-up, you get delay and bonus time modes. You can set the timer for games. This can set up to nine hours and fifty-nine minutes. This clock is an attractive chess clock, which is suitable for beginner and chess players looking for a quality, budget-friendly choice. You can tap and set the digital chess clock effortlessly for tournaments. You can set this chess clock using an app for Android and IOS devices. There is the option to create your own preset. With the help of NFC technology, you can set the clock instantly. The chess clocks app comes with 70 presets of the most popular US Chess time controls. Besides this, it offers Freeze for FIDE-rated events.

Despite this fact, the Tap N Set saves lots of time when setting many chess clocks. It helps to save time when setting up the chess clocks. If you do not have a smartphone, you can set the chess clock manually. The Tap N Set chess clock is an excellent tournament chess clock that is affordably priced at $49.95.


Chess clocks can help us to improve the game. By learning you can make better decisions quicker during the games. Chess clocks can help you practice your time management. It is all with the help of training partners or coaches before you play in tournaments. While working on several aspects of the game, they help us to stay on track.

If you have limited training time and you want to practice the game tactics, openings, and endgames, you can set the clock for fifteen to twenty or twenty-five minutes. Chess clocks can help you to remain in your daily routine. Be sure not to lose track of time when playing or studying chess. Happy Chess Playing!


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