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Can Chess strategies be applied to real life? LIFE AND CHESS

by Ravi Sharma 08 Jul 2022 1 comment

By playing chess you learn long-term strategy, thinking out of the box, and brilliant maneuverings.

Chess is like Kung Fu, Cooking, Math, and Science. There is no end to it, it is so vast and you can keep getting better day by day by practicing and performing to your best. Chess is like life because it teaches discipline well. It takes a lot of learning and thinking many steps ahead in order to beat the experts. It also enlightens you to plan ahead but on the contrary, you must always be willing to adopt new things because when your opponent makes a move, you need to be flexible and always able to change your plan to adapt to the best moves. 

Chess can realize the importance of hard work.

The game of chess was made centuries ago based on the situation at that time. Ironically - if you compare it with the present era, some points still apply to the current century.

Here are few similarities between chess and real life:-

The life of a soldier cares less, they are killed just like that and the killing has named a sacrifice. It's a setup of a battleground and you can see the bishop in the middle of it. So always remember, politics and religion are always connected irrespective of the century. Two kings don't fight straight with each other and yes,  someone does the killing for the king. When it is only two kings on the board, the game ends in a draw. Dear Monarchs, you both had a problem, and now why don't you settle with each other and end the problem. But they won't ! A good soldier gets a fair promotion and a high position. Every piece is ready for Martyr in order to make the king victorious. The battle stops when the king dies. 

Only one point which slightly contradicts real life:-

Queen has given immense power here but it's not the case always in real life. Maybe that's the reason, Saudi banned chess.

Important tips to apply chess in our Life

  • To win a match, you have to think smart
  • Not everyone is blessed with the same potential or leadership qualities, one should know how to use it wisely.
  • Never Underestimate a girl, sometimes she can be most powerful, strong support in our life.
  • If there are 10 people who support you, it's another truth that the 11 ones certainly put you down.
  • You do not need to follow anyone, everyone is born to build their own path to success. 
  • Never judge a book by its cover even a pawn can become a queen. 
  • You have to discover new logic and strategies to get a successful life. 
  • To start anything always be in a learning and forward direction. 
  • To conquer the world, sometimes you have to lose the most important thing in the world. Do not let your hope die.
  • The king is a fragile character in chess. But not to be forgotten that it is the reason why chess is being played. 
  • And Yes!! You are the King of your life. Let yourself Rule and conquer the world!
  • After playing a game no matter who you everybody has to go to the same box.
  • In chess sometimes you have various ways to kill the target but you should always proceed with the way which will be helpful in the future and it goes for life as well.

 First and important point that no-one has yet any interpret

Be the player rather than a king and handle the king because for each king there is a secret competitor who makes the strategy for a king so that he can learn how to rule. So be the player of your life and do not let anyone handle it.

Now you are the player and consider some important points:-

Handle your Life (king) carefully and attentively not forcefully or unwilling because when you treat life hard it has the power to destroy the whole game.

Don't get attached to any piece even if it is a queen (your loved ones) because in the game of life (chess) you may have to lose that piece(Loved one) at a crucial point and believe there will always be a replacement for that when a pawn reaches at the end. This might really give courage.

The best friend of a king is a pawn. So never treat your friends rudely or badly because they support you from start to end.

Strangely, you that big pieces are might be your family but you never ignore pawns(your friends) for them. Always make a balance in life and for sure in the game as well.

When you lose a piece(loved one), don't cry over it because in that way you will alleviate the game. Consider the other pieces, focus, and continue the game with some more strategies. 

Life is or was never a race because when you got crashed on land in the race, there would be no other chance for a comeback. 

Life is always like a chess game because it will give you hope till your last player is alive. You get another chance if you lose your one piece. This way chess is teaching us how to live life to its fullest, accept all the challenges and move on with pride. 

  1. Remember, the bitter truth is that it doesn't matter if you win or lose the game at last death is waiting for you.
  2.   Don't lose the game try to play smartly it may be a game or life. So win the game(be successful) and set the example for other players.

The secret of Life Lies in Chess

  • When the game ends, the king and the pawn go back into the same box. Always remember this in life.
  • Entities with varied skills as a group are worth more than the sum of their skills.
  • Run diagonally, If an attacker is charging at you in a straight line. Strategies always work.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice for delayed gratification. The lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Source House Stark theme. Always think a few moves ahead.
  • A courageous pawn can become as powerful as the Queen.
  • Wait, one of those is not as deep as the others.
  • Always think a few moves ahead.
  • A courageous pawn can become as powerful as the Queen.


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1 comment

23 Nov 2023 faby
Great post! i really loved it.

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