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by Ravi Sharma 12 Aug 2022 0 Comments

I want to buy authentic chess set equipment for my son. But there are so many! The market is flooded with all types of chess sets. Now, what to do and what to buy?

Do you have any recommendation?” is the most common question asked among any chess novice or any chess master. So, here is a little guidance on how to buy the best chess equipment.

What should you look for when buying a chess set?

If you are going to buy a chess set, make sure you can easily move and recognize the pieces. A good size is one where the king is approximately 3 to 4 inches tall. Choose the bigger your space allows. A good and authentic chess set also comes with an extra queen in each color. To buy such authentication chess set with certification visit the website of Staunton Castle.

wooden chess sets

Which is the best material for a chess set?

Ebony and Boxwood is a superiorly fine wood, as is red sandalwood, boxwood, and rosewood and boxwood. There are others, like purpleheart, that rarely get used for pieces but seem to work well enough. Boards can use many fine materials from stone to wood and be very practical. The variety of woods used for boards is amazingly impressive. If you want to buy it. Buy from the website of

How to pick a good chess set? 

In general, plastic, chess sets are cheaper, but it is very low quality. Despite plastic chess sets Wooden chess sets are more expensive but more durable and more beautiful. There should be a better choice when buying a chess set. There is also a huge number of chess sets made out of the glass as well more decorative and very much delicate. So preferably, I advise you to buy a chess wooden set from Staunton Castle.

Few Guidelines for a Novice

To give a start-up you need a fine chess board, a set of chess pieces, a bag or a box for the safety of chessmen, and yes, a clock of course. It is also recommended that to buy the notation booklet which is also known as the scorebook. In which you note down all moves and scores of the game. So, now let’s begin with chess boards.

On our website, there are many types, colors, and designs of chess set available. You can even customize your chests according to your liking.

Do not forget to understand the few important regulation colors for chess, which are like

  •  White and dark green;
  •  Black and white;
  •  wooden boards.

There are true colors that look authentic. Choose color wisely while buying chess sets and chess boards. For further details to view, all the chess sets visit the website of Staunton Castle. Our chess sets are also used in many tournaments. So if you are planning to play in some tournament, always consider green/white or black and white chess boards.

For kids, you can obtain any other color you want for non-competitive games.

Customized boards have a few advantages over traditional pre-made boards. First, you can have your name imprinted on the board. This could be especially essential for younger children who have trouble keeping up with stuff. Another benefit is that your school team can have their logo printed on the chess board

Few Types of Boards

Chess Boards can also be made out of silicon or paper or be made huge. You can opt for single-fold boards that fold nicely in half. The silicon boards can be compressed up and easily pack into the bag. When you take it out from the bag, the board springs to life and lays flat. No doubt the paper boards are super affordable, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Finally, the mouse pad boards are very durable and will last a long time. They do sit about a quarter of an inch off of the table which raises the pieces a little bit.

You should also note that most tournament-compliant boards are 2.375” squares. You can go slightly above that number as well. If you stick with that number, all pieces you buy will be able to work with the pieces you buy even up to the 4-inch pieces.

Finally, once you decide to choose the boards you want to get, you will need a set of chess pieces. There are 3 things you need to know about purchasing chess sets:

  •  The color;
  •  The size;
  •  The weight.

The Tournament’s legal colors are black/white, cream/black, and originally wooden pieces. So, if you are focusing on playing in tournaments, keep in mind that you have to be very wise when choosing the colors and the right type of chess. You need to follow a few regulations of chess.

The very important aspect is to buying chess is to buy the right size of chess pieces. When reviewing piece sizes, they are all created based on the height of the king. So, if it says it is a 4inch Chess Set that means the King is 4-inches tall and all the other pieces are smaller. The most common size is 3.75 inches. If you are going to buy much smaller then it’s not a good idea. If your goal is to win a tournament then going up to 4 inches is necessary.

The Perfect Weight Tips

The weight of the chess pieces differs between single, double, tripled, or in some cases quadruplet weighted pieces. You will be amazed to know that single-weighted pieces are the most common among everyone.

If you want to play in tournaments, you must buy a heavy chess set. It helps to keep the chess pieces stable and prevent them from falling.

However, if you are a novice just stick to single weighted.

Now that you understand the different variables, you can determine which set is for you.

If you are interested to buy a board, chess set, and chess pieces. You can contact or visit There are many different colors, and styles available and you can even customize them from us.

Hope this article helps you to choose the right kind of chess set.

Do not forget to buy our Mandeep Saggu Signature Collection at

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