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Want To Improve Your Skills In Chess? Well, This Article is a Must-Read For You.

by Ravi Sharma 29 Oct 2021 0 Comments

To begin with, I think one should set some authentic goals. Dreaming big is a nice thing but to achieve success one should be realistic. Real with terms and conditions. Play truthfully with full dedication, use all practical skills with the presence of mind.

2020 has been a very hard and strange year for everyone. The global pandemic affects all of us in multiple ways. When it comes to books I personally explored myself with books. Books are the best friends for anyone. 

According to sources Chess books are much more demanding as compared to non-chess books. Books are indeed a great source of entertainment and full of knowledge. Being forced to stay home in a pandemic I got the reading habit though and found myself a little more.

Staunton Castle Chess Sets

Let's begin with the magic of  Chess Books

There are many good books that might help you to reach your maximum potential and risk. There are every level of books like for beginners, Club level and advanced level.

Chess Books


Beginners Book:-

  • World’s Champion Guide to Chess By Polgar
  • Chess: 5334 problems, Combinations and Games by Laszlo Polgar
  • Play Winning Chess By Seirawan
  • How to Beat Your Dad at Chess By Murray
  • Logical Chess Move By Chernev

Club Level Books:-

  • Complete Endgame Course By Silman
  • Understanding the Chess Games By Nunn
  • How To Reassess Your Chess By Silman
  • Simple Chess By Stean
  • Tactics Time By Brennan
  • Winning Chess Strategy Seirawan
  • Giants of Chess Strategy By Neil McDonald
  • Endgame Strategy By Shereshevsky
  • Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book By Emms

Advance Level Books:-

  • Endgame Manual By Dvoretsky
  • Art of Attack By Vukovic
  • Giant Chess Puzzle Book By Franco
  • Forcing Chess Moves By Hertan
  • Chess Lessons By Popov


  • Michiel Abeln- The Anand Files
  • Barry Hymer and Peter Wells: Chess Improvement: It’s All in the Mindset
  • Levenfish (Translated By Douglas Griffin)
  • Grigory Levenfish- Soviet Outcast: The Life and Games Of Grigory
  • Sasha Chapin-All the Wrong Moves
  • David Klass- Grandmaster :A Novel
  • Jennifer Shahade-Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport
  • The Complete Chess Swindler: David Smerdon
  • Positional Decision Making By GM Boris Gelfand
  • David Navara: My Chess World

Now let's move on to Chess Strategic skills?

Are you Planning to learn Chess or do you want to improve your chances of winning? Are you looking forward to playing chess with complete dedication?

One can learn Chess online. It is in great demand.

 You can buy Chess products from us at

The game of Chess needs lots of regular practice and knowledge. Finding a Chess expert is difficult, you can watch online games of experts.

By online learning, you can learn Susan Polgar Chess Tactics, Foxy Chess opening, Master Method Chess, and all other great Chess methods.

For example,  You can easily learn Chess by watching Chess DVDs or a few videos available on the internet. You can also easily buy Susan Polgar Chess DVDs, Foxy Chess DVDs, Roman Lab Chess DVD’s and here the list goes on.

To learn more,there are several puzzles available on the internet platform which can guide you, provide you with knowledge and one can easily practice.

Some Tips and Tricks Which is Especially For Beginners:-


 Control The Center of The Chess Board

 The most important in Chess is to know-how necessary to control the center of the board in the entire game. A smart tip for the novice player. When you apprehend The center of the board it authorizes your pieces to have a complete approach to all the directions of the board.

The perfect players in the world know the importance of center boarding. The best suggestion at the beginning of the game is to keep the focus to capture the centerboard.

Do not move one piece multiple times in opening the game.

If you want that your strategy will work, then try not to move a single piece multiple times in Chess opening. By using different methods like moving different Chess pieces in-game, developing the game as fast as possible. If you move one piece many times, then you are giving an opportunity to your opponent.

The major thing to keep in mind is that to play the game, the game principle remains the same and with every move. One should always keep this logic in mind.

Acquire your pieces as fast as possible in the game

Develop your pieces in the game as fast as possible and another important strategy for beginners. In the game of chess, the Chess pieces are your army. These little hunks will help you to dominate the board, attack your rival.

To win the game one should seriously focus on the fast development of the pieces, otherwise, your opponent might capture the board and win the game. It gives you limited access and easily you can eliminate from the game.

 Magical Tips to Improve The Game remarkably

92% of Chess players focus on compiling information through youtube or just reading books. It will really help but in the end, it is simply your thinking process where one can achieve.

Magnus Carlsen, a world Chess champion is the top best player in the world.

He always tries to concentrate on the basic principles and understanding of Chess. That is the technique (Thinking Process) why he beat a lot of players.

The First Tip is to focus on the Basics. The Basic principle of Chess is like

Opening, Control the center,Develop the pieces,Castle Quickly,Make connection with your Rooks and most importantly avoid unnecessary pawn moves.

Find a Plan: Middle Game

How to attack competitors' pawns and pieces.

How to integrate your pieces

Where to launch and strike( Center, Queenside, or Kingside)

Launch an attack where you are strong and be focused.

Note:- Complete all tasks for opening first, then move to the next plan of the middle game, and this way you learn how to progress in-game.

Endgame’s Plan

Strike opponent’s weak pieces.Try to avoid an Attack on the king because the king will not get checkmated.

Lock your rival’s pawns so they become weak.

Note: Try as much as possible to do practical Endgames. Focus on Rooks as they will occur 90% of all the endgames.It played an important role in the career of Lucena, Philidor, and many more.




Try not to watch too many Chess videos.

Read only the best books as it will provide you with accurate knowledge. If you read so many books you will get confused because too many books are loaded with 1000s of Chess principles. It is advisable that to improve drastically do not focus on each and every content.


Training Schedule

To make your game better, make your training schedule. Play for ten minutes, solve the five tactical problems. Do not spend the entire time playing games one after another. To enhance the general understanding and thought process, spend at least 30 minutes in the game. Learn from your mistakes. Do not focus on opening moves instead focus on middlegame and endgame. Guesswork will help in the game but the thought process matters more. To get more knowledge use Chess engines, spent on analyzing your games.


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