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Do you want to improve your thinking skills? Well, the answer here is CHESS

by Ravi Sharma 02 Oct 2021 0 Comments

This content will be going to reveal to you so much about Chess & its genius players.

C-  Challenge your brain

H- Hacks which helps to find solutions for a problem

E- Enhances your thinking power and brainstorming

S- Sharpens your Observation

S-  Solution-oriented approach

Chess, one of the primeval and widespread board games, played by two foes on a checkerboard with peculiarly devised segments of incompatible colors, customarily white and black. No dice, not any other equipment involved in it. It purely depends upon the moves of the players that inspire the outcome. Each player gets one move per turn. The skill of the players decides its result.

Chess is an international game and played worldwide. Its paramount ability is to focus. To study chess correctly one should need to set aside 2 to 4 hours a day. The center of attraction of this game is strategy, learning endgames, and openings.

The smart way to learn chess is to study the games of grandmasters as well as from professionals.

Chess hike dexterity in mold provision, scenario, maneuvering. This hurts for a hominid struggle to envision along with figuring out imminent. The chess biz has voluminous as well as wanned and the tenacity including grit.

WhoInvented Chess?

Han Xin invented the chess biz.The Father of chess is the person who is the expert in it. One who knows the way to excel and win the game. The first World Champion named Wilhelm Steinitz is the most realistic person to play chess with excellent interpretation. . He is regarded as a Father of modern chess.

Varieties of Chess Sets

We at Staunton Chess provide you many types of Chess sets like

  • Hand-carved wooden chess set,
  • Antique chess set,
  • Classic wooden chess set,
  • Antique Staunton chess sets,
  • Chess board with drawer,
  • Jaques chess set,
  • Ivory and ebony chess set
  • Mahogany chess set
  • Luxury Chess Set
  • Handcrafted Chess set
  • Wooden Chess board
  • Wooden carving chess pieces
  • Dubrovnik chess set

Now you might be wondering what changes does Chess make in your mind?

Chess, indirectly boost your thinking capability, ability to make decisions in strategic

situation and concentration of the mind. However, Chess has many other advantages too. Chess is a great measure of intelligence and pattern recognition.  According to reports, some companies hire their managers, staff, and strategists by checking their chess-playing skills. This applies to business, relationships and it leads to fighting many battles. This saves a huge amount of time for the brain.

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Chess helps you to manage your anger levels and if you are stuck in any problematic situation, definitely you know the way out with the help of chess tricks.

In today’s era, Chess grandmaster Sir Magnus Carlsen has the highest IQ level as compared to other players. To win the race of life one should have the best IQ level.

So, it proved that Chess is a measure of strength and intelligence.

Staunton Chess is all about learning, time management, memory, skill, logical thinking, determination and many more other things.

The World’s Best Champions of Chess are:-

So here is a long list of our all time super heroes.


STEINITZ- Time Period (1886-1894) - The first world Chess Champions and the founder of Positional Chess.

LASKER- Time Period (1894-1921) - A great player and a long-lasting fighter of World War I. He was very famous at that time. He used psychology to create positions for his opponents.

CAPABLANCA- Time period (1921-1927) - An all-time winner, he never lost a game in any match.

ALEKHINE- Time period (1927-1935) (1937-1946) - A great mind master who always performs up to the mark.

EUVE- Time Period (1935-1937) - A very renowned and efficient amateur who helped Alekhine a comeback match.

BOTVINNIK- Time Period (1948-1963) - A hard worker who became champion by winning a tournament with Bronstein & Smyslov. He lost a few matches and never returned.

SMYSLOV- (1957-1958) - A twin winner of the World Championship Tournament.

TAL- (1960) - Another brilliance aptitude and a tactical genius who won so many Championships. But in the end, lost his life with ill health.

PETROSIAN- (1963-1969) - A Perfect, skillful and defensive chess master who never lost a single game. 

SPASSKY- (1963-1969) - A very talented, brilliant youth, who was a great rival of chess master Tal. A two-time challenger who won the second time like Smyslov.

FISCHER-(1972-1975) - A young genius boy who played at a world Prominence at the age of 15. He boycotted the world Championship for years and then joined rails after winning the Championship and dedicated 20 years in Chess.

KARPOV- (1975-1986) - A Positional player in the rival of Capablanca.

KASPAROV-(1986-2000) - An all-time player who put huge work into opening theory.

KRAMNIK-(200-2007) - A determined player who beats Kasparov in a smaller match than the World Championship up till that time.

ANAND- (2007-2014) - Another young boy was Kasparov’s Challenger in 1995. He had to wait in the wings for a long time.

CARLSEN- (2014- Till Present)

Another wonderful player who shot to world prominence by becoming a world Championship Player at the age of 15. He concentrated on being a stronger player rather than a world Champion. Carlsen is the highest-rated player ever. He has immense positional knowledge in openings. A long-time player goes his own way.

This traditional tabletop game is available at :

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Chess games are an extremely interesting betting product, players must definitely play. This game is not only highly entertaining, but players can also train their thinking process. It’s a game of logical thinking and reasoning. Chess is a purely combinatorial game that gives motivation and makes you feel like a winner.


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