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The Grandmaster of Chess: A Look at the Best Player in the World - (Part 2)

by Ravi Sharma 16 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Magnus Carlsen Takes the Crown in the year 2013!

Magnus achieved exceptional results after winning the Tata Steel tournament and placing first in the year 2013 in England. 

Viswanathan Anand holds the title of world champion but in the year 2013 Magnus Carlsen grabbed this title. The Year 2013 was the most important year because in this year all the chess enthusiasts from all over the world connected to their favorite game through the internet and set the record for internet and viewership. 

The altercation occurred in India as well in  Viswanathan Anand’s stomping grounds. Magnus Carlsen was the new world champion. 

He was only 22 years old, and yes he must have had very proud parents. He celebrated his birthday by winning the world championship. Magnus Carlsen famously jumped fully clothed into a swimming pool.

I know all readers must get inspired to follow Magnus Carlsen’s footsteps or want to take a look at this guide on what it takes to become a chess grandmaster. 


Magnus beat out GM Levon Aronian in the year 2014 for first in the Zurich Chess Challenge. The average rating in this tournament was 2801. 

In April of 2014 he won the Gashimov Memorial Tournament outright with a score of 6.5/10 in April 2014.  

Magnus Carlsen defeated well-known GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, during this epic clash of titans.

In the year 2015, Magnus Carlsen won the powerful Tata Steel Masters event. He scored nicely, Infact France Maxime Vachier Lagrave came very close to him. He also won the Gashimov Memorial for the second year against stiff competition.

During this tournament, he defeated Maxime Vachier-Lagrave with the  Reti opening, which is named after famous player Richard Reti. Undoubtedly, 2015 was another bang for him. In the Qatar Masters events he created another history. This tournament featured 589 total games.

Magnus tied with Yu Yangyi and won ! Way to go!!


The Tata Steel Masters event once again rocked and the year 2016 was no different. Everywhere it's Magnus Carlsen. He also conquered Norway Chess against Levon Aronian.

He stood winner in 2016 ahead of American GM Hikaru Nakamura. Same goes in the year 2017 where he beat GM Wesley in Tata Steel Masters. Magnus Carlsen went on to win the 2018 Tata Steel Masters after a tiebreak battle with Anish Giri. Continuously, it was the sixth year in a row of winning Tata Steel Masters! In the Norway Chess competition he finished second to Caruana. 

Magnus Carlsen won, successfully grabbing the title against one of the world’s best players!

To wrap up the year 2018 World Blitz Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a score of 17/21. 

Master Blaster, Magnus Carlsen again won Tata Steel Master in 2019. It seems like he is a magician! Magnus Carlsen won Gashimov Memorial ahead of strong grandmaster Ding Liren.


The widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, tournaments moved to online venues. Everything seems to be online at that time. He won the FIDE Online Steinitz Memorial Tournament, and took home the $50,000 prize in the Clutch International tournament in June 2020. He also won the Chessable Masters. 

The St.Louis Rapid & Blitz tournament, which was  played online, came in first place, in the month of September.

In October of 2020, Norway Chess was played (OTB)over the board. Magnus Carlsen won the tournament and became a winner again. What a beast!


Magnus defends his crown in Dubai as well. In February of 2021, Magnus Carlsen won the Opera Euro Rapid. He also played online among few strong grandmasters.

Magnus Carlsen defended his World Chess Champion title against  Nepomniachtchi in 2021.It was the decisive moment in the match. His victory was unmatchable. When Nepomniachtchi lost game eleven, the match was over. In eight years of opposing his title, Carlsen has only lost two classical games.


The year 2022 began by winning his eighth Tata Steel Chess Tournament with a score of 9.5/13. He was unbeatable in the tournament and won six games.

Although this time, the Norway Chess Tournament was another success for Carlsen. Few controversies against Magnus were imposed by FIDE that he would not defend his World Chess Championship title against Nepomniachtchi. However, Magnus the master blaster will continue to play competitive chess.

Magnus played for Norway in the 44th Chess Olympiad and took part in the 2022 Champions Chess Tour. He won three tournaments which are:

  • Airthings Masters
  • Charity Cup
  • FTX Crypto Cup

This year there was a great dispute between Magnus and Niemann. I am sure people will remember this year for a long time because of this controversy. 

First time he withdrew from a major tournament, despite no concrete evidence of cheating. Magnus withdrew from the tournament. 

When Carlsen faced Niemann in the Julius Baer generation Cup, he resigned after one move. It wasn’t until September 26th that Carlsen accused Niemann of cheating.

Undoubtedly! Magnus Carlsen is the best player in the world! But what comes next! He seems to be unstoppable. 


Magnus Carlsen has seen many ups and downs in life as well in the game. But no one beat his strengths towards Chess. He equally gives time to his game and family. He plays non stop and always wins the game. He also grabbed the crown of Grand Master. 

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors. 

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