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Creating an Elegant and Exceptional Chess Collection: A Guide

by Ravi Sharma 21 Jan 2023 0 Comments

The game of Chess spread rapidly across the civilized world during medieval times, from the heritage era to the pre-Christian era. Since then, it is the most favorable game among everyone. It has, over generations, inspired the finest craftsmen from around the world to create Chess sets. The chess sets uniquely reflect their respective national or regional identities and socio-cultural traditions. Chess always represents its culture be it European, British, or Indian. Earlier in India, it was also known as Shatranj. With time chess has gone through various sizes, depictions, and details. In this article, we will guide you on how to create an elegant and excellent chess collection for your home. At Staunton Castle, we provide you with all kinds of chess sets, whether chess collectors or luxurious ones. 


Chess pieces or Chess Sets from different regions of the world represent their respective indigenous forms of art. It also represents its design, sculpture, architecture, and costumes. Indeed chess is all inspired by art and even expresses their traditional socio-political structures and hierarchies. With time, Chess has made a unique identity. These elegant and stunning chessmen have established themselves as highly creative artists in their own right. These most aesthetic chess sets have earned the admiration of connoisseurs, collectors, and all across geographies and generations.


The concept of this article aims to have a journey over time. So that our readers can understand the chess migration, its various forms, and its travel throughout the world. Also, to explore and unearth some of the most exquisite Chess pieces and travel chess sets originating from across the globe. Chess masterpieces are the most enthusiastic and inspired chess art for collectors, either proudly showcasing or positively yearning to acquire.

A secret to be revealed is that the older the craftsmanship and chess creation are like antiques, the older they are, the more their stock rises. Few medieval arts are rare and workmanship may prove beyond the reach of all. But, Yes you can find these rare and expensive collections in the house of collectors.

Fortunately for us, faithful reproductions, rare mortals, and recreations by some of the finest master Artisans and craftsmen are available in Staunton Castle. You can check their website to have a look at these ancient beauties and place your orders. 


Here then are some of the most celebrated Chess sets from Staunton Castle where you can learn about the history of chess. A few very unique, limited designs, tournament sets, and collectors designs are available with Staunton Castle.

Here is your super inspiring Chess collection: 

Dubrovnik Series

Staunton Castle feels proud to introduce the World’s most famous Chess Set named Dubrovnik Chess Set. This is a reproduction chess set and it is exactly as the chess set which had been used in 9th Chess Olympiad in the year 1950. Our master artisans give the identical vintage antique look to this chess set. Black army is made in vintage mahogany stained box wood and white army is also made in box wood with an antique look on it. This exclusiveness comes with extra two queens .

Anderson 1855-60 Reproduction

This is from the collection of  Great Chess Collector Mr. Jon Crumiller and was used in the famous chess tournament played during the year 1855 to 1860. This is the Club size chess set. The King height is 4.4″ and with base size 2″. We dedicate this chess set to Jaques of London. The antique look of the box wood pieces gives an antique look.

Nathaniel 1849 Antique Reproduction

This set is another latest, carefully researched and precisely carved reproduction “The Nathaniel Cooke 1849 Set”. This set is deliberately handcrafted to reproduce the design of the original Staunton pattern chessmen, which was registered by Nathaniel Cooke in March of 1849 and first manufactured by Jaques of London in September 1849. It is the most popular chess set. Our highly-skilled artisans out of the highest grade woods carved the chess pieces. The chess pieces are perfectly balanced and heavily weighted and felted and of course beautifully finished. 

Walter Grimshaw 1854 Circa Reproduction

Staunton Castle’s another meticulous chess set named Walter Grimshaw 1854 Design. This chess set has been dedicated to the collector Mr. Walter Grimshaw. 

This is one of the best chess designs by Jaques of London. This chess set was used in the year of 1854 in famous chess tournaments. 

The original design is made in the King size 3.25″. This is one of the most famous chess pieces in the early 19th century. Our skilled artist has reproduced this design on seeing the high demand of the chess collectors.  

The sovereign is a very early collection of  Jaques chess sets and this chess set is the best choice of the collectors. We wish to give thanks to our Artisans working for our manufacturing unit named Mandeep Handicrafts located in the city of Amritsar that they made this reproduction chess set exactly the same match with the original antique chess set. 

The exquisite beauty this set is ornamented with is due to its unique knight worth of any Chess hobbit's admiration.

To wrap up with, these are a few Antique collections which you can adore and place your orders. For such more informative article visit our website at


For more such interesting articles visit at

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