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by Ravi Sharma 13 Sep 2022 0 Comments

The Dubrovnik Style of Chessmen was first designed at the 9th Chess Olympiad that was held in 1950 in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia which is now known as Croatia, from where it derives its name. The Dubrovnik chess set is influenced by the Staunton Chess set. These chessmen have a great significant historical importance and a classic design. Over the past few years, its has been redesigned many times 

It is abundantly designed on the Staunton line of Chessmen, but with a distinctive charmed of its own, that transcends eras. A perfect combination of beauty with brains. At Staunton castle, you can get this set with authenticity. The brilliance of this chess set makes you attractive and you can get a lifetime warranty from none other than Staunton Castle. 

According to the sources, Bobby Fisher gave one radio interview and stated ‘’This 1950 Dubrovnik chess set is the best chess set I have ever played on. It is such an amazing and marvellous set. 

The Idea and Origin of Dubrovnik Chess Sets

In the year 1949, The Olympiad Management required a new style of chess set so a painter and a sculptor, named Poček, from Yoguslav were given this task. He created a masterpiece of a new design for Chessmen. He put all his effort into enhanced stability, playability, and ease-of-handling and specifically for the occasions.

The pieces were meticulously designed with a wide base which required 2.2’’ chessboard squares. The green felted sliders were weightless. The box was made large and approximately 50 chess sets were made with original sets. 

After all the hard work later it becomes the Dubrovnik set of Chessmen. Pocek not only met all the requirements but also exceeded all the management expectations, by inculcating his design with understated elegance and devoid of any flowery ornamentation which has captivated generations of Chess enthusiasts.

Over the course of the last 70-odd years since its creation, the Dubrovnik design has gone through several redesigns, though its basic design has remained largely unchanged.

One of the better-known variants, the more minimalist 1970 version of the Dubrovnik, is particularly noteworthy for the cleaner facial carvings on the Knights and the reduced number of notches in the Queen’s Coronet.

The Variants Of Dubrovnik

This renovation has influenced many other chess sets, which provide endless variants with a variety of names. The variant chess sets have different coloured finials on the kings and queens, while the original Dubrovnik chess set had different coloured finials for the bishops. After that, the sets use extraordinary specifications from Dubrovnik.

 Bobby Fischer was often filmed and photographed with his own 1970 Dubrovnik chess set that was later stolen. The most apparent changes in design can be seen in the knights with simplified carving, and the queens had only five cuts in the crown as opposed to the original eleven.

The endorsement 

The major key factor behind the everlasting popularity of the Dubrovnik set of Chessmen is the candid endorsement they received from one of the most iconic and supreme legends of the game ‘’Bobby Fischer’’.

You will be amazed to know that Bobby Fisher is the only American Chess Champion in the modern era. He was the only man who is mature and liable for the revival of this grand chess. In the year 1972 when the world championship was held he singularly beat Spassky in the western hemisphere. 

Bobby Fischer possessed and treasured an original 1950 Dubrovnik Chess set of his own. He is also known to have specifically Dubrovnik Chess set to be used for his 1992 rematch with Spassky.

No wonder today, among the top five classic designs The Dubrovnik Chess Set is one of them. It is hugely due to its personal ownership and lots of commercial endorsement which gives so much popularity to this chess set. 

About Modern Manufacturers

Luxury chess sets

Due to spreading its continuing demand for the 1950 Dubrovnik chess sets, In Eastern Europe, the replica of this chess set in the plastic version is most popular though it's very cheap and of very low quality. 

After that in the year 1950 Gregor Novak of Noj.Ltd made exact replica  Dubrovnik chess set in wood. 

Staunton Castle has offered a replica of The Dubrovnik chess set which you can order at your convenience. You can avail of our offers as well.

The TQG Effect

staunton chess pieces

The Dubrovnik set is an inspiration for several other Chessmen designs. The Zagreb an another well-known Croatian design, made even more acclaimed chess set by its prominent appearance in the phenomenally popular 2020 Netflix original mini-series. The Queen's Gambit, which was enjoyed world wide viewership of 60 million.Isn’t it great!!!

The Chess sets featured in the mini-series, along with their predecessors and variants, have been discussed and analyzed ad nauseam, by Chess enthusiasts the world over on social media, and other online venue.

A positive effect of this has been that classic Chess sets, particularly those originating from the Soviet-Croatian region have been acquisitive the limelight, and flying off the shelves of leading Chess equipment retailers, around the world.

This has only added the mystique, the charm and the growing popularity of the Dubrovnik set of Chessmen.


   The Dimensions Are:-



Base diameter


3.8” (97 mm)

1.7” (44 mm)


3.3” (85 mm)

1.6” (40 mm)


3.0” (75 mm)

1.5” (37 mm)


2.8” (70 mm)

1.5” (37 mm)


2.2” (56 mm)

1.5” (37 mm)


2.0” (50 mm)

1.3” (33 mm)


Grab Your Own Dubrovnik Chess Set

Our master-craftsman Mr.Mandeep Saggu and his creative team made the accurate and loyal replicas of the 1970 Dubrovnik Chessmen in triple- weighted in Golden Rosewood, Bud Rosewood, and Ebony. Get this perfection now.  

Order your own magnificent Dubrovnik set from

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