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by Ravi Sharma 03 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Chess is all about understanding the game wisely. To master chess it all begins with understanding the game rules correctly. To learn the basics of this game will be your first step to becoming a chess master. The basic rules of the game are the key for all beginners to become experts at the game. Here is the perfect beginner's guide to conquering the official rules of chess.


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Here are a few essential rules to set up the chessboard. If you adhere to these guidelines anyone can become the champion of chess. First place the chessboard centrally and equally between both players. Secondly, a white square rests in the bottom right corner facing each player. You can start the first row nearest to you with the following sequence: Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook. 

Put the eight pawns right above the first row to set up the chessboard. The player with the white pieces goes first, following the official chess rules. The standard code like R for Rook, N for Knight, B for Bishop, Q for Queen, K for King, and P for Pawn. Follow the specific rules for how each piece moves and captures to have a fun and strategic game.


PAWN - Pawn moves forward one square but confiscates diagonally one square ahead. On their first move, pawns can choose to move forward two squares. Pawns support any other piece when they reach the opposite end of the board.

ROOK - Rooks move horizontally or vertically any number of squares. It will move horizontally or vertically as long as no pieces are hindering their path.

KNIGHT - Knights always move in an L-shape. They can jump over other pieces. The knight moves two squares in one direction be it horizontally or vertically.  

BISHOP - Provided there are no obstructions along their path, Bishops move diagonally any number of squares,  

QUEEN - The Queen can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally any number of squares, as long as there are no obstructions the queen combines the movement of the rook and bishop.

KING - The king moves one square in any given direction horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The main concern of the game is to protect the king from capture.


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According to the official rules of chess, it starts with the player who has the white pieces. As per the rules, the player with the white pieces can move any of their pieces, The pawns and horses can be moved easily. Each player gets to play a single move in their turn respectively. The first move is one of the most simple rules and moves of chess. It helps to determine the game and its moves. 

The first move establishes the overall tone for the game, influencing all following actions and determining the overall strategy. Experienced players use this edge to control the game's pacing and outwit their rivals. Chess players see the first move as an opportunity to lay out their strategies and set themselves up for a competitive edge as it carries a lot of weight in the game.


To win the chess game, you must capture or trap the opponent's king. The main ground rules for winning in chess are as follows.


To win the king opponents must be checkmated. This shows that the king is in danger of being acquired and is hardly able to travel to any safe square.


When it is directly threatened with capture the opponent’s king is in check. The player needs to respond right away to cancel the bill. 


If a player has used all of their permissible moves a game finishes in a draw.


When a pawn reaches the last row on the board, it can be upgraded. The player can choose to turn the pawn into a queen, rook, bishop, or knight if those spots are empty. This upgrade makes the pawn a more powerful piece, and it can make a significant difference in the game.


En passant is a unique capturing move for pawns. If an opponent's pawn moves two squares forward from its starting position and lands adjacent to your pawn, you can capture the opposing pawn "en passant." This means you can move your pawn diagonally forward to the square the opponent's pawn skipped, effectively capturing it as if it had only moved one square forward.


Castling is a special move Involving the king and one of the rooks is a castling’s special move. The rook moves to the square the king jumps over and the king moves two squares towards the rook. Castling means neither the king nor the rook is involved. 


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In chess competitions, players have to follow certain rules. Here are some common ones:

There's a specific time limit for making moves, and if you take too long, there are penalties.

The "touch-move" rule means that if you touch a piece, you have to move it.

Making illegal moves comes with penalties.

Some events require players to write down their moves to settle disputes or analysis.

Players can resign or suggest a draw at any time.

Draws can happen in different ways, like stalemate, repetition, insufficient pieces, or reaching fifty moves without a capture.

Fair play is essential—no cheating or getting help from others.

Following these rules makes sure that chess competitions are fair and competitive.


Before understanding chess you all need to grasp and learn chess by heart. The elaborate setup of the board and the unique moves of each piece create an engrossing and strategic gameplay. 

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