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How to Buy a Chess Set

by Ravi Sharma 02 Jan 2023 1 comment

There are many options available in the market when it comes to buying a chess set. It's always good to be prepared while purchasing an authentic chess set. You should know precisely what you want before going shopping or online shopping. This will save your time and of course money as well. Be clear with your wants. Avoid buying copies whereas we suggest you buy original ones. Here we can share a website where you can buy the original products. Visit at

Instead of being overwhelmed by the variety, first consider the material and style of the product. Be Specific and be sure about your needs.

The three major factors which should be considered while purchasing a chess set. 

  • Price
  • Purpose
  • Portability


You will be surprised to know that chess sets price starts  from $20 to over $1000. This vast range makes it impossible to choose the midpoint. So, always think wisely. 

When a product you want to buy which ranges from $15 to $75.  You can always divide the difference in half and add it to the lower figure. This will surely give you a rough idea of determining quality and price. 

The best example is here that you could choose $45 as your midpoint - $15 plus $30 (75-15/2). However, when it comes to chess sets, the range is so vast and broad that using this formula could leave you with a midpoint of several hundred dollars. 

Of course, if your goal is to set a smaller range for yourself, then this must prove to be helpful. Let’s say if your budget is somewhere between $20 and $50. Then you could start looking for chess sets which are priced between $30 to $40.

Price is the only major factor of what you must consider when buying a chess set. One thing, this cannot give any kind of guarantee that you will choose the perfect best chess set. This can only shortlist the chess sets while saving your time, money and energy. Buy only authentic chess sets.  Happy Shopping!


If your intention is only to pass the time or play a few games with friends and family at home, it is important to choose a chess set that makes playing the game easy and enjoyable. You do not want a board that is too small, nor do you want small pieces that make it difficult to tell who is a pawn, bishop, or knight. 

It is very important to play on a tournament-size board to enhance your game. Just remember if you are a beginner, you will surely like to play or might want to play in tournaments. 

The big advantage of choosing a tournament-size board and pieces is that they are comfortable to use and good in size. Basically, they would not get used in tournaments if people did not find them easy and enjoyable to use.  Magnetic chess pieces might work best for you if you want to take a chess set to some coffee shops or parks. This way you need not to worry about bumping your table and knocking over the pieces. Many magnetic chess sets fold in half and also allow you to store the chess pieces inside the board. You can not forget or miss any of the chess pieces. Be relaxed and play cheerfully!

You can consider a heavier chess set that is made of high-grade wood, metal, or marble if you keep the chess set in your home. The various styles available Nowadays, there are various styles available in the market which are easy to find and match your home decor.

Some chess tables often have drawers to store pieces, chess clocks, and scoresheets. There are a wide variety of wood-carved chess sets, classic wooden, handcrafted, handmade, large wooden, and much more available in the market. 


On the road, while traveling you need a compact chess set, the weight of the chess set is almost as important as the price. For some people, the cost is more important than anything else. 

You often heard that while traveling people always complain that their luggage or backpack is too heavy. But if you get a light and portable chess set while traveling then it must be a blessing. It can make your journey much easier and more enjoyable. Besides, the important factor is how to pack the chess set easily. A road trip allows you more options in terms of size and weight. A nice wooden and vinyl chess set in the car will be a better option. A vinyl board you can roll and tuck to the side works well. 

Here you can customize the chess pieces with high-quality plastic material. These chess pieces do not weigh much and can fit in the pouch inside your bag. 

Nowadays many airlines will allow you to take chess in your carry bag. You can play the game while having your flight. Reach your destination while having fun. Without forgetting your chess set, clock, and score sheets this portable can help you a lot. 

In Conclusion

Although the practical aspect of chess might lead a way too little in meeting tournament requirements. Chess players can express their game. It is a balance between price portability and long-lasting. So, you have to choose wisely while searching for the perfect chess player. The internet is full of a wide range of chess varieties. 

The chess set is a great gift and shows your support for a future chess champion. It can also help us away from sitting in front of a computer screen.

You can always take help from a guidebook if you do not play chess. This can help you to learn the game well.  Start playing today and learn this wonderful game. Happy chess playing!!

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1 comment

30 Aug 2023 Werner Loch
I have purchased The William Hallett 1860 London Chess Set in Natural Boxwood/Padouk and I am very pleased. I am impressed by the exceptional quality and aesthetics of the pieces. It is definitely worth studying the offerings from StauntonCastle.

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