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Everything About Chess Movies & Chess Streams

by Ravi Sharma 25 Dec 2022 0 Comments

You must have surely heard about “The Queen's Gambit'' or GM Hikaru Nakamura's stream, where you get to know many more about chess. But if you want to still understand chess at a very deeper level here are a few references which you can watch, Learn and Enjoy. 

Here is the recommended list of movies and streams. That can help you become a chess friend. Let's get started.


The Queen's Gambit comes in the year 2020. A real chess master of all the chess movies. It is the newest movie and the most popular. It is certainly responsible for chess popularity or you can say chess boom. The story is about Anya Taylor as Beth Harmon and this movie attracts general audiences and also its chess fans. 

This movie depicts the chess world of previous times, of course, with its Cold War themes and interruption.

But here in this movie few things remain consistent. In episode one the simultaneous exhibitions. Another thing in the episode five blitz games played for money. In the seventh episode the draw offers etiquette.

Even using the restroom for performance enhancement! In episode two, Beth Harmon takes her visualization drugs there in the middle of a game. In the last decade or two some, less elegant cheaters have taken to using engines on their phone while in there.


The movie Searching For Bobby Fischer comes in the year 1993. It was indeed a famous movie which dramatized the youth of IM Josh Waitzing. This movie is all about the pressure of scholastic chess on children, parents and coaches. Searching for Bobby Fischer is just more than a film. 

A masterblaster scene where the actor Ben Kingsley who performed as NM Bruce Pandolfini, shows the tournament hall to Joe Mantegna, portraying Fred Waitzkin.

It entrenched a certain concept of a chess master in the minds of viewers.

While GMs Joel Benjamin and Roman Dzindzichashvili played themselves, an actor played FM Asa Hoffman, who was not happy with his portrayal.

A more appropriate scene to the general theme of the movie is the battle between Mantegna and Josh's teacher, one of Laura Linney's earliest films. 

The book itself is good enough to inspire the film. It contains a real version of the WaitzKin story. You will be surprised to know that the critic of chess writing, Edward Winter, was a fan of the book. 


This movie comes in the year of 2016. Magnus is valuable to anyone who wants to know the details of Carlsen's rise and its career. Carlsen is the first world champion in the dominant Chess era.

This movie specifically shows the rise of the world champ, the

documentary Magnus is able to get into details of being a super Grand Master. This movie gives a broad overview of multiple experiences. A perfect watch that motivates all. 

The History Of Chess: The World Chess Championship

This film was released in the year 2022. This History of Chess movie gives an overview of the world championship. A movie that gives you goosebumps. Check it out if you want to have a broad view of the entire championship, So watch it out.


The Queen of Katwe was released in the year 2016. 

The Chess Player WCM Phiona Mutesi began her life very far from the chess world. After finding the game or you can say playing chess she was able to make her life and family life better. Tim Crothers, the ESPN reporter covered her story and published the book. The Queen of Katwe in 2012. The dramatic story came out four years later.


Pawn Sacrifice comes in the year 2014. 

No doubt outside events influenced chess culture more than the Cold War. It's interesting that it was in the 1970s when political tension started to begin, that chess peaked as a proxy battle in the same struggle.

This movie is about Tobey Maguire's character study of Grandmaster Bobby Fischer, which also dramatically portrays the politics behind the match.

In fact, both world championship matches Fischer vs. GM Boris Spassky in 1972 and GMs Anatoly Karpov vs. Viktor Korchnoi in 1978.

It featured a Soviet star against a Soviet enemy, and both have been created as documentaries.


YouTube & Twitch

Chess streaming and chess videos became popular during the lockdown. Let us see a few of the chess content creators, their followers, and their popularity. 

  • GM Hikaru Nakamura 1.37M (youtube followers) 1.5M (Twitch Follows )
  • GothamChess IM Levy Rozman 1.64M you tube followers 612K Twitch Follows
  • Agadmator Antonio Radic 1.25M you tube followers 20.8K Twitch Follows
  • WFM Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez 916K you tube followers 1.1M Twitch Follows
  • ChessBrah GMs Eric Hansen and Aman Hambleton 291K you tube followers 283K Twitch Follows

Hikaru Nakamura

A perfect combination of chess talent and streaming talent none other than Hikaru. Most chess players are content creators who are either big on YouTube or Twitch, but Nakamura is equally popular on both platforms. 

Whether it's his high-level play or how he expands the game's horizons, Hikaru is the chess world's most essential individual streamer.


The biggest chess personality is IM Levy Rozman on youtube. Hikaru is the king of Twitch and has pure chess skills. But sometimes goes beyond the comprehension of his viewers. Instead, Levy, while no droop as an international master, is always able to break the game down into more interesting lessons.

Alexandra & Andrea Botez

Alexandra & Andrea Botez, the Botez sisters, like Nakamura, are equally capable at the Twitch and YouTube games. Trip to New York City produced several million-view videos in the year 2021.

Agadmator (Antonio Radic)

The "O.G." of YouTube chess content, Agadmator is as popular as ever. Nakamura, Rozman, and Agadmator were in a race for one million YouTube subscribers. It was finally won by Agadmator in February 2021.

If a big chess game just ended, you can expect Agadmator's take on it within hours.


If Agadmator is the YouTube "OG," then ChessBrah is the Twitch OG. Grandmaster Eric Hansen, Grandmaster Aman Hambleton, and the company have been streaming since Twitch first became a thing in 2011. ChessBrah has a strong YouTube following.


So, this is all about chess movies and chess on youtube & Twitch. For more such interesting articles follow us at

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