Mandeep Saggu

From exquisite original designs to Staunton classics and precise historical reproductions, magnificent hand carved chess pieces by Mandeep Saggu are worthy of the finest collections.

And their unprecedented durability, refreshingly lower prices and lifetime warranty, make them enviable showpieces for everyday play.

That's why leading retailers, collectors and players for decades have acclaimed Mandeep Saggu creations the world's premier chess sets.



The Magnificent Truth

Your chess journey has surely led to the websites and displays of top chess retailers, where the stunning beauty and intricacy of luxury sets likely stoked your imagination and deepened your passion for the game.

You may know that most of those sets trace back to Amritsar, India, the undisputed capital of chess artisans; but, you may be surprised to learn that the trail typically ends at one small, nondescript craft shop among the endless commercial units lining the city’s crowded streets.

There, in the early 1980s, Bhupinder Saggu and his son/designer, Mandeep, pioneered and perfected the complex art of contemporary hand-carved wooden chess pieces.

The Saggus rapidly achieved critical acclaim for their impressive reproductions of historical sets and those of Staunton lore. But, it was the incomparable artistry of their original creations that propelled them to the pinnacle of demand.


Featuring intricate, deep-cut carving, innovative techniques and unprecedented precision, magnificent Saggu creations established creative and crafting standards still unmatched today.

 Over the decades, Mandeep’s inspired designs and innovations have only grown in stature, cementing his unequivocal acclaim as the world’s premier chess designer. And his exquisite works endure as prized possessions of discriminating collectors and quality-conscious players everywhere.


Masters For The Ages

Mandeep Saggu’s profound yet humble talents, and his defining contributions to the game of chess, have earned him the highest and most coveted of all honors conferred upon craft artisans: The title of Master Craftsman.

Although only twenty-four artisans worldwide share that rare and exclusive recognition, their small fraternity shares much more than a title.

Half of those Master Craftsmen work as associates of Mandeep’s legendary Saggu Studio. And many more were trained and mentored personally by none other than Bhupinder Saggu.

Although Mandeep’s esteemed father now enjoys the fruits of retirement, his legacy is secure as the most decorated Master Craftsman of all time.


Hallmarks Of Perfection

Every authentic Mandeep Saggu set evolves from genuine, uniquely seasoned ultra-premium exotic woods, handcrafted piece-by-piece using proprietary handmade carving tools, exclusive techniques and unsurpassed quality standards. Those advantages produce the fine details and features found only in authentic Mandeep Saggu creations. And the escalating market value reserved for original masterpieces by the world’s most revered artisans.

Supreme Designs
Premier Craftsmanship
Precise Weighting and Balancing
Unprecedented Longevity
Historically Significant Contemporary Art
High and Escalating Value

    Welcome to the Mandeep Saggu Signature Collection.


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      Exquisite creations from by the world’s premier chess designer. Handcrafted with honor for your lifetime and generations to come.