Elite Series 4″ Premium Staunton Padouk Chessmen


Material  : Box Wood and African Padouk Wood

Package Includes :

# King height is 4″ and base size is 1.75″.
# High quality green felt is pasted on the bases.
# This set comes with two extra queens.
# Total Weight of set is 3 Kg
#The recommended Board size is 2.1″ Square size



Elite Series 4″ Premium Staunton Chess Set

This chess set as shown here is termed as Elite design.

This specific design differently defined by different buyers is also created and crafted in our unit and supplied to our potential buyers in USA, Canada and UK.

This has sharp distinctions as compared with our remaining range, for example the unique design of the knight head, the metric cut on the Bishop and a distinct shape with equally elegant finish. Its knight possesses a beautiful look.

Its king height is 4″ and base size is 1.75″ The pair of woods used are Box wood-African Padouk wood. All the pieces are heavy weighted and covered with high quality green billiard cloth.

This also comes with a pair of additional queens.

All the pieces are heavy and balanced weighted.

The set that has proved to be of Collectors’ interest is this.

The recommended board size is 2.1″