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Vintage B & Company Reproduction Distressed Antiqued 4.4

Staunton Castle

Vintage B & Company Reproduction Distressed Antiqued 4.4

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Many of the chess sets available on the International Chess Market are the Reproduction of those Chess Sets which were originally utilized by World Chess Champions in World Chess Tournaments held in the 19th and the 20th centuries.
These particular chess designs that were found suitable for world championships by the championship organizers, fascinate today's discerning chess players, chess hobbyists and chess collectors.
These designs being of old, are thought to be actual antique or distressed in look.
So there arose an urgent need of technical methods of reproducing the exact distressed look, and distressed antique look we at our manufacturing unit have successfully developed methods to accomplish the objective.
Distressed look on our chess sets is our new monopoly as we have been the first inventor of distressing technique.
Selling chess is an exciting business, and we wish prosperity to the entire chess selling community.

B & Company Reproduction Chess Pieces

We feel proud to introduce the vintage chess sets named B & Company Staunton design. This chess set is dedicated to a company who arranged a chess tournament on his name and World’s famous chess players participated in this championship. This chess sets is still a mystery in the Chess World that how this company created this chess set and how it used in the chess championships held in 19th Century. But this chess set is still the best choice of the Chess Collectors and Enthusiasts. The original image of this set is shown with other images.

The Box wood has been given the natural antique look without using any harmful chemical or toxic.
This beautiful chess set is reproduced by our manufacturing company in the city of Amritsar, India.

Material : Antique Box Wood and Genuine Ebony Wood.

Package Includes :

  1. King height is 4.4" and base size is 2".
  2. High quality green felt is pasted on the bases.
  3. This Chess Set includes the King side stamping.
  4. Recommended Chess Board 2.5" Square Boxes.
  5. Total Weight : 2.2 Kg