Ostia Series Premium Staunton 4.4” Chess Set




We procure NOT, but produce.
Most of Wooden Chessmen that appear on various online selling websites or stores, in the whole World, have their origin in Amritsar, India. The Website owners mostly buy from Amritsar and display on their selling media; whereas we, belonging  to Amritsar, sell our own quality products produced in our own manufacturing unit in Amritsar, India. Your referring to our feedback area will prove our trustworthiness.

Ostia is one special chess-set-design that has no similarity with any of our eighty other chess-designs. This distinction makes it unique among numerous chess-sets being seen on international market also. Ostia comes in one ‘wood-combination’ and that is ‘Ebony/Boxwood’. It features a Knight of unique mane and raised ears that make it look like real. One specialty about Ostia:-

Though ebony density is higher than that of boxwood, yet the weight of any ebony-chessman of Ostia is equal to that of boxwood counterpart in the set; this is because of a perfect weight balancing process that Ostia undergoes during its crafting. Ostia comes in Sovereign size = 4.4″ King Height. It accompanies two additional Queens one ebony queen and another boxwood queen. In totality, Ostia is an elegant set exquisite in its exceptional beauty.

It’s a collector friendly chess set.


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