Alexandria Series 4.5″ Premium Staunton Padouk Wood Chessmen


Material  : Box Wood and African Padouk Wood

Package Includes :

# King height is 4.5″ and base size is 1.875″.
# High quality green felt is pasted on the bases.
# This set comes with two extra queens.
# Total Weight of set is 3 Kg
#The recommended Board size is 2.25″ Square size



Alexandria Series 4.5″ Staunton Chess Set
Chess Creation Inc. proudly introduces the Superb quality Alexandria Staunton chessmen. The high quality chess design is the creation of our company named Mandeep Handicrafts which is World’s top quality Chess manufacturing Company. All the specimen of this chess set are the great example of top quality of the Craftsmanship. The chess set is has been especially designed for the Chess Collectors and Chess hobbits. The best part of this chess set is, this sovereign  can also be used to decorate the house. The highly defined carving work on the knight head makes this set more beautiful. A classical chess set which can be used to as a present or gift.
 This chess set comes in Box wood and African Padouk Wood.
The King size here is 4.5″ and base size is 1.875″
The overall design is different from the remaining sets are particularly its knight gives a downward look and special mane design.
This set comes with a pair of extra queens.
All the pieces are heavy weighted and bases have green felt or leather covers as per buyers’ requirements


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